CSX Subscriber feedback

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"CSX forces us to fully understand our business. The comparisons allow us to validate our assumptions on how to increase volumes, improve margins and manage costs. While we may feel we are doing well, the statistics will identify areas for improvement. Some of those may be surprises. As more and more companies are added the regional and state statistics will be even more valuable."

- Gary Arnold, Chief Financial Officer
of FKG Oil / MotoMart

"We all sit awake at night wondering how we compare to others in the industry. National figures may not always reflect our region... but CSX brings our region's data to us... and as the population grows, they will bring us our state's data.
   "CSX goes beyond 'benchmarking'. We are able to look at analytical data that we were computing and free up some of those resources to tackle other issues. CSX is more than what we expected and we continue to explore and utilize other features on a regular basis."
- Andrew Bowman, VP,
Stop-N-Go of Madison, Inc.

"CSX is a great executive information tool. It allows all of our Company's senior management team to be on the same page at all times."

"We are a company that is not too worried about how we are doing compared to the rest of the Industry, but still value CSX for its ability to allow us to [quickly] learn how we are doing internally."

"As someone who is still hesitant to embrace the internet, I found CSX extremely user-friendly and very useful to my business."

"The benefits of participating in CSX go beyond just that of the website."

"We thought the initial time investment to get setup was going to take longer than the 4 hours quoted. After all is said and done, it took just short of 2 hours to get '02 through present monthly financials in. We gave CSX the data, and they did all the work. Now that they have mapped our data, the submission process just takes my assistant 10-15 minutes a month. As soon as she inputs it, I can immediately run any graph, or report for that given time period."

"CSX is a tremendous benefit for our company. The time saved with it is worth the price of participation alone."

Strategic Alliance Partners' comments

"TPCA values the resources of CSX and the benchmarking data exchange they have created. Progressive companies who are looking for timely regional, as well as national comparison data, will benefit greatly from this service."
- Doug DuBois, Director of Membership and Education,
Texas Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association (TPCA), Austin, TX

"The motor fuel marketing industry is dominated by closely-held family businesses, yet most available benchmarking data available pertains to publicly-held companies. For many of those public companies, such as major oil companies, motor fuel marketing is not their primary business, so available data is not particularly pertinent or comparable. SIGMA is pleased to be working with CSX to rectify that situation, giving independent motor fuel marketers some timely benchmarking information that can be validly compared, given the fact that SIGMA member companies tend to have more-complex operations than other marketer companies."
- Ken Doyle, Executive Vice President,
Society of Independent Gasoline Marketers of America (SIGMA), Reston, VA