Opportunities to Partner with CSX

Special Services

Those interested in obtaining access to CSX, contact us to learn what's needed to get your Company online today.

Our vast database and potential analytic deliverables have appeal to various participants in the petroleum marketing/convenience retailing industry, plus multiple entities with vested interests in the welfare of the industry. Chris Rapanick can be contacted at crapanick@csxllc.com and 703-518-4253 and welcomes addressing inquiries as follows:

Petroleum Marketers & C-Store Operators - See also "How to Join" for additional details on what is and what is not involved to become a CSX subscriber. Companies that are interested in participating in one of our "Best Practices" Independent Share Groups are also welcomed to contact us about opportunities.

Trade associations - CSX welcomes developing alliances with trade associations that see the information intelligence opportunities for their members and their association. The common denominator behind association and CSX strategic alliances is that both parties want to maximize the timeliness and potential value of information for their members and, in certain instances, for the association's lobbying and other informational purposes.

Major oil and independent companies - special surveys on dealers/jobbers, and providing key fuel suppliers with increased awareness of fuel-related performance trends and related dynamics, have been a popular deliverable by CSX. In short, better informed fuel suppliers make for better partners and increased profits.

Financial institutions - Special reporting and analyses on industry trends can be custom designed for the needs of industry lenders, potential lenders, mortgage bankers and others with a vested interest in the financial strength of the industry.

Wholesalers & other suppliers - to help vendors validate the effectiveness of their sales efforts, they can subscribe to monthly or quarterly updates on the financial performance and trends in the industry. This information, which can be custom designed to help address their specific marketing objectives, can be captured by region or by company attributes available in CSX.

Other Industries - We realize that the model that we have created for our Industry can be easily be adopted elsewhere. Our applications are extremely flexible. In your industry, your chart of accounts are no doubt different, but any type of P&L can be compiled in our database. To our knowledge there is no other industry that provides the same dynamic service that we do. If your industry is data deficient and you'd like to see how CSX can accelerate its evolution, don't hesitate to contact us.