Extensive, Customizable Industry Benchmarking

CSX's mission is to provide the most current and customizable tools for financial and operational reporting and analysis in the industry. Progressive marketers can measure their Company [by store, by state of operation (if applicable), and/or by their Firm's performance overall] against our National population, their region and state (when available) by any of the myriad of metrics we generate via our "live" database.

Reports are available to CSX subscribers on-line 24-7. Users can view the current month or any trailing 12-month period. The data is based on income statement, balance sheet, and productivity information provided by CSX subscribers, as well as other data sources deemed credible by CSX.

Special care is taken to maximize the analytical value of each line item and resulting ratio, and explanations are provided for key calculations.

We realize that every company's focus is different and ever-changing with time. We take great pride in allowing our subscribers to determine how and what they wish to study, and to customize reports and graphs to meet their specific goals.

For more details contact Chris Rapanick at 703-518-4253 or crapanick@csxllc.com for a complimentary executive walkthrough using the tools on our live website. In minutes you'll see why CSX has been adopted by so many in our Industry as "the Benchmarking platform" to track your performance.